25 companies we’re completely in love with

In lieu of the usual Valentine’s Day gift guides and date night ideas, we decided to celebrate the holiday of love by gushing over our favorite brands. And so we present our 2013 list of Brands We Heart.

The best new car seats of the year

2013 is shaping up to be a revolutionary year for car seats, with four big releases in the works. Our Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson, has the deets.

The top parenting trends and topics for the new year

2013. Wow. Now that the champagne bottles have been recycled, we’re ready to focus on the exciting developments, important health issues, and fun trends we’ll face this year. Here’s what our trusted panel o…

How to survive the holiday schlep

Tomorrow kicks off the season. Not the holiday season, mind you. The schlepping season. None of us will be spared.

The top finds from the 2012 ABC Kids Expo

Last week was the annual ABC Kids Expo, where baby brands reveal their new and coming-soon releases. Our trusted Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson, was there sniffing out the most promising new products for parents. …

The best travel gear for babies and toddlers

Blessed are the parents whose babies eat anything and sleep anywhere. For the rest of us, traveling with tots requires an arsenal of gear and gadgets—including these eight lifesavers.

Checking out four new (and very innovative) products

We’ll never buy a piece of baby gear without first running it by Jamie Grayson (a.k.a. The BabyGuy). Here’s what he had to say about the four most innovative products we’ve seen coming down the pipeline for…

Get fired up for the Olympics with spirited baby gear

The Olympics are almost here, and we’re looking forward to teaching our tots about patriotism, teamwork, and the importance of practice. But if we’re being totally honest here, we’re just as excited to dres…

Four family-friendly beach getaways

It’s easy to get snobby about all-inclusive resorts. They tend to suck. But when you’ve got an infant or toddler in tow, it seriously helps to find a baby-tolerant hotel where you don’t have to pay a la car…

Sizing up the latest carriers

Boy oh boy has the baby carrier scene evolved since the last time we reviewed the major players. Truthfully, there are more slings, wraps, and carriers than we can keep up with. Fortunately, our trusted Gea…

Checking out the City Mini GT, Stokke MyCarrie, UPPAbaby Cruz, and boon Naked

We never buy baby gear or gadgets without first running it by our Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson (a.k.a. The Baby Guy NYC). Here’s his take on the latest big-buzz releases: new strollers from UPPAbaby and Baby Jog…

25 companies we salute

This week the StrollerTraffic editors and scouts are taking a break from expert advice and trend-spotting to tip our hats to the brands we love.

Checking out the Foonf, Origami, Bounce ‘N’ Sleep and promenade

Our trusted Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson (a.k.a. The Baby Guy NYC) shares his thoughts on the biggest new product releases in baby land: Clek’s new toddler car seat, 4Moms’ super-gadgety stroller, Stokke’s take …

The year’s hottest product launches

Here’s the low down from our Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson, on the most anticipated product launches of 2012.

The top parenting trends and topics for the year, from the StrollerTraffic experts

Welcome to 2012. Now that the revelry is over, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the next 365 days of adventures in parenting. To that end, check out what our on-the-pulse panel of experts has to say about…