What you need to know about these toxic chemicals—that don’t wash out

We’ve been hearing a lot about chemical flame retardants lately—and the fact that they’re pretty much everywhere . . . Which is too bad, since they’ve been linked to everything from cancer, genetic damage, …

25 companies we’re completely in love with

In lieu of the usual Valentine’s Day gift guides and date night ideas, we decided to celebrate the holiday of love by gushing over our favorite brands. And so we present our 2013 list of Brands We Heart.

Prevention, symptoms, and survival

It’s a particularly rough year for Norovirus. (As in the highly contagious intestinal virus that can lead to intense bouts of vomiting and diarrhea.) Good times. So we asked AAP fellow (and MD Moms co-found…

Prevention, vaccines, symptoms, and survival

It’s true: this is a really, really bad flu season. Forty-seven states are currently experiencing widespread flu epidemics. So we asked AAP fellow (and MD Moms co-founder) Dr. JJ Levenstein to get us up to …

Prevention, vaccines, symptoms, and survival

It’s true: this is a really, really bad flu season . . . So we asked AAP fellow (and MD Moms co-founder) Dr. JJ Levenstein to get us up to speed on the strains, the symptoms, and the spread.

The top parenting trends and topics for the new year

2013. Wow. Now that the champagne bottles have been recycled, we’re ready to focus on the exciting developments, important health issues, and fun trends we’ll face this year. Here’s what our trusted panel o…

New skincare labels, definitions, and buzz-worthy ingredients

Kim Walls is a top nutritionist, the founder of Babytime! by Episencial, and one smart cookie when it comes to healthy skin. We asked her what to expect this year in the increasingly confusing world of skin…

To circumcise or not to circumcise

MD Moms co-founder Dr. JJ Levenstein is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and quite frankly, the smartest pediatrician we know. According to her, circumcision will be one of the most hotly deb…

Transparency is the new green

As co-founder of the Honest Company and former CEO of Healthy Child, Healthy World, Christopher Gavigan knows more than pretty much anyone about what it means to live a chemical-free, Earth-respecting life.…

Toddler bedding for beginners

Transitioning your toddler from a sleep sack to a blanket isn’t exactly intuitive. When is it safe? How big should the blanket be? How heavy? What happens when he kicks it off?

10 unexpected dangers for babies

We’re thrilled to have Christopher Gavigan on board as our new Eco Expert, advising us healthy, sustainable living. To celebrate, and in the spirit of Baby Safety Month, we’ve asked the former CEO of Health…

Everything you need to know

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued more than 46 recalls of more than 11 million cribs since 2007. Yet crib-related injuries and deaths remain a real problem.

Worry-free bath toys

Bath squirters sure are fun. They’re also prime breeding grounds for nasty black mold. (Go ahead and gasp.)

Everything you need for a safe and stylish summer

With all due respect to the Solstice, we count Memorial Day weekend as the real kickoff to summer. Which means just about every mom we know is scrambling to stock up on hot weather essentials this week. Her…

Understanding the FDA’s recent labeling mandates

Sunscreen is a no-brainer for babies in 2012. Unfortunately, understanding the differences among brands is less clear-cut.