25 companies doing it right
In honor of Valentine's Day, it's time for our annual "Brands We Heart" issue—a heart-felt homage to 25 great companies and the reasons they make us feel warm and fuzzy. 1. Clek for enabling us to fit three-across in th…
 Hot topics in parenting for the new year
Welcome to 2014! As always, we've resolved to stay on top of new products, intriguing research, and big trends in the parenting world. So we're grateful that our experts have weighed in on the most buzz-worthy subjects …
Modern ways to preserve the early moments

Thanks to smartphones, it’s easy to capture every giggle. Here are a few ideas for what to do with all those jpegs and video clips—beyond the Facebook feed.

Amy Atlas shares her favorite mini-shower themes

Seems like “sprinkles” (mini showers for a second- or third-time mom) are here to stay. So we asked Sweets Stylist and event-planning pro Amy Atlas to give us the lowdown on the trend—and ideas for pulling …

Our favorite baby stuff from indie designers around the country

Chains and big brands can be wonderfully reliable for baby staples, but it’s just so satisfying to find amazing gear—that no one else has—handcrafted by a designer who’s doing it on her own. We looked from …

How to choose your baby’s ride

Choosing a stroller can seem more complicated than buying a car. No joke. To help streamline the process, we asked our trusted Gear Guy, Jamie Grayson of the BabyGuy Gear Guide, to offer some guidance.

What you need to know about these toxic chemicals—that don’t wash out

We’ve been hearing a lot about chemical flame retardants lately—and the fact that they’re pretty much everywhere . . . Which is too bad, since they’ve been linked to everything from cancer, genetic damage, …

Thoughtful baby gifts for same-sex siblings

. . . . We asked our trusted StrollerTraffic Scouts to dish out some gift ideas that second-time parents of same-sex siblings might actually need—or at least appreciate.

Trendy looks for babies and toddlers

No matter what’s happening outside in the real world, warmer weather has arrived in retail land. To get our babies’ wardrobes up to speed, we’ve asked Lisa Wong, Thumbeline‘s LA-based co-founder and buyer, …

25 companies we’re completely in love with

In lieu of the usual Valentine’s Day gift guides and date night ideas, we decided to celebrate the holiday of love by gushing over our favorite brands. And so we present our 2013 list of Brands We Heart.

Tips for designing your nursery with the current “it” graphic

“Honeycomb takes the geometric trend to a whole new level,” say our design experts at Project Nursery, who explain that they’re smitten with its sophistication and graphic flair. “We like to think of it as …

Prevention, vaccines, symptoms, and survival

It’s true: this is a really, really bad flu season . . . So we asked AAP fellow (and MD Moms co-founder) Dr. JJ Levenstein to get us up to speed on the strains, the symptoms, and the spread.

The top parenting trends and topics for the new year

2013. Wow. Now that the champagne bottles have been recycled, we’re ready to focus on the exciting developments, important health issues, and fun trends we’ll face this year. Here’s what our trusted panel o…

A celebration of the year’s top Scoops

‘Tis the season for taking a break and spending some QT with the family. But before we officially unplug, here’s to the most popular Scoops of 2012.

Pantone names emerald green the hot hue of 2013

There’s always been plenty of green fodder in the baby world. But in light of last week’s announcement that emerald is the official Pantone color of 2013, expect a departure from the usual pastels and mints…