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Brands We Love

25 companies we swear by

We devote a lot of time here at StrollerTraffic to new this and trendy that. So this week we decided to slow down, take a deep breath, and honor the tried-and-true guys. To that end, we proudly admit that we absolutely, gushingly love . . .

. . . Boon for bath toys that don’t get moldy.

. . . MilkShop for stocking all the trendy baby labels under one e-roof.

. . . Amy’s for frozen foods that don’t make us feel guilty.

. . . Minted for photo cards minus the cheese factor.

. . . Seventh Generation for an all-natural laundry detergent that actually works.

. . . The Flip for making it easy to bombard our friends with HD video clips.

. . . Skip*Hop for a stylish alternative to those ABC foam mats.

. . . Cool Mom Picks for product reviews we can trust.

. . . ErgoBaby for carriers that revolutionized the babywearing industry.

. . . California Baby for great-smelling baby shampoo—without the formaldehyde.

. . . BabyGap for infant socks that stay on.

. . . Angel Dear for security blankies that work like Ambien for babies.

. . . Ralph Lauren for baby gifts that make us look good but cost less than $50.

. . . Zutano for understanding that preemies need cute clothes, too.

. . . Baby Buggy for giving us something noble to do with our used baby gear.

. . . Eric Carle for children’s books we don’t mind reading again and again. And again.

. . . Method for toxin-free alternatives to just about every household cleaner.

. . . Giggle for a baby registry full of things we’re dying to have.

. . . BornFree for BPA-free bottles that don’t turn babies into gassy crankpots.

. . . Zappos for making it ridiculously easy to buy (and return) shoes for kids.

. . . Under the Nile for an adorable—and relatively affordable—organic layette collection.

. . . Aden + Anais for swaddling blankets that are, well, perfect.

. . . Crewcuts for proving that “good for the playground” and “super stylish” are not mutually exclusive.

. . . PBS Kids for shows that make us feel a little less neglectful while we cook dinner or check email.

. . . Plan Toys for eco-friendly wooden toys that wow us.