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Baby Memories In The Digital Age

Modern ways to preserve the early moments

Thanks to smartphones, it’s easy to capture every giggle. Here are a few ideas for what to do with all those jpegs and video clips—beyond the Facebook feed.

MyOwnLittleStory helps parents track milestones with a built-in calendar. Plug in your baby’s birthday, and they’ll e-mail you regular reminders to record milestones and upload accompanying photos. (The service is free until baby’s second birthday; bound keepsake albums run from $38.99 to $78.99 in print, and it’s $30 to get everything on a CD.) Mailpix can turn Facebook and Instagram snaps (or any photos, really) into smudge-free matte pages and prints for standard-size scrapbooks (from 70 cents per page). The free iPhone app Pic Stitch transforms photos into customizable collages. We think it’s especially handy for month-by-month growth shots. Smilebox is a photo and video storage system (available as a free download for Macs and PCs) that helps parents make creative scrapbooks and slideshows. Its big draws are soundtracked slideshows and milestone-specific album templates. Some are free, but the selection is far more extensive if you join Club Smilebox ($39.99 annually after a free trial). For something that looks digital age-ish—but is actually filled in my hand—try My First Year cards (from $20 for a five-pack) or a Milestones Poster ($45) from Strange Birdy Studios. The DIY infographics have space for drawings and photos, and for recording everything from baby’s first food to her first Halloween costume.